Sunday, March 23, 2014

07: The Amityville Horror (2005)

The Amityville Horror (2005)
Ok, I will be talking about the 2005 version, which is a remake of the
1970's version.  the story goes as follows:
George & Kathy Lutz and Kathy's 3 children are moving into an elegant Long Island home.
What they don't know is that 6 gruesome murders were committed there the year before -
Ronald Defeo Jr, killed his parents, his 2 sisters, and 2 little brothers.
As soon as the Lutzes moved into the house, they begin seeing horrible things

The ghost of Jodie DeFeo, horribly disfigured bodies, and hearing ghostly voices throughout the house.
George seems to notice it the most, and it isn't long before he becomes a danger to those around him. When the local priest, called in to bless the house, he issues a dire warning to Kathy to leave the house. Will the Lutz escape the evil house on time before its too late?

My intake:
This is a awsome horror film! It is full of jumps and scares and the story is great!
I love the whole concept of the story (Even though it is a fake story) and the crazy dillusional ideas that the Lutz fabricated. When I first saw this movie, I remember I couldn't sleep alone for like
2 days.

Enjoy the Trailer

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